Under 15

Former 2018 Under 15’s as the then 2017 Invicta Junior League champions

Our Under 15’s team for years 10 and 11, are a welcoming, friendly group of players who play hard ball cricket in the Invicta Junior Cricket League.

Their coaching sessions are a fun mixture of games and drills, that not only supports their current development, but also has an eye on keeping them playing the game. This is beyond the Juniors and offering opportunities to getting involved in playing in the Senior teams on either Saturday or Sundays.

The U15 coaching sessions start on Fri.16th April 2021 at 6pm (until 30th April then they revert to 7pm start)but if you’d like more info on getting your child/children involved then contact Al Ramsay on alramsay72@aol.com or tmjnrscc@gmail.com