Managing Children Away from the Club

In any given season, the potential exists for at least 50% of league, cup, friendly matches or mini events or tournaments being played away from TMCC. It is sensible therefore for TMCC to have a robust and considered generic protocol in place that will be able to fit all occasions in order for it to demonstrate the Club’s duty of care for children in their teams. This section covers the subject of children being taken away from the Club’s normal base location / home ground, and provides guidance to help TMCC to define their own policies in connection with the effective management of such children whilst they are in the Club’s care. It is important to stress that these guidelines also apply to adult teams where one or more players are under the age of 18.

  • For away matches, age group managers are to inform parents of the following – meeting point, venue, directions and times including estimated time of return.
  • Parents must be made aware that it is their responsibility to provide adequate transport to away matches.

  • In most circumstances, unless under strict and valid parental permissions, age group managers should not provide transport to or from away matches to unaccompanied children.

  • It is the manager’s responsibility to take the team kit bag to away matches.

  • For children playing in adult away matches, it is the captain’s responsibility to ensure parents are aware of all transport arrangements and contact numbers.