Social Media Policy


Town Malling Cricket Club is proud to be a highly sociable club, and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whats App, Snapchat and the like) are a great way for the Club and its members to keep in touch. 

This Policy has been written to help everyone involved with the Club make informed decisions about how they use the Internet, emails and smart phone communications when discussing Club-related activity.  This Policy only applies to Club and cricket-related matters and not individuals’ personal/ private interactions on social media.


The Club recognises the right of individuals to speak freely within the law, and has no intention to restrict proper and sensible exercise of this freedom.  But without care it is easy to post comments, which might seem like a good idea at the time but which can later cause problems for the Club and individual concerned.  Whilst an individual’s comments may not ‘officially’ represent the Club, they can reflect badly on the Club, the game of cricket and the individual.  

Always remember that everyone involved with the Club has a responsibility to safeguard its good image.   The Club urges members to use common-sense and ‘think before posting’.  

A good way to decide whether you should post something is to ask yourself:  “Could I say this face-to-face without causing offence, or would I be happy to see my comments published in a newspaper?”  

 If you are unsure or the answer is “No”, then you should NOT post it.  

 This Policy is not meant to stifle chatting, or good-natured, witty banter.  But one person’s jokey comment can be another person’s insult (and it is easier for the written word to be misinterpreted and cause offence, than the spoken word).  

 If you are in any doubt about a comment you wish to make via social media, please ask the opinion of a member of the Club’s Committee before you post it.


The Club requires members to observe the following guidelines on responsible social media use.  Please:

  • Do NOT post unpleasant, offensive or potentially inflammatory comments about Club members or Officials; other clubs or players; leagues; Umpires; or ‘controversial’ subjects and so on (for example, containing abusive, insulting or indecent language/ swearing; or threats).
  • Do NOT respond to inaccurate, negative or nasty comments (for example, made about you, our teams or others, your friends or the Club).  Individuals should never respond on behalf of the Club.  Instead, please bring any matters of concern to the attention of the Club’s Committee.
  • Do NOT make hostile or harassing comments, or discriminate based on any status liable to cause offence (such as a person’s race, colour, ethnic origin, nationality, religion, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, social class, disability or so on).
  • Do NOT post comments which may undermine the unity of a team or the good standing of the Club; or which are detrimental to the interests of the Club or game of cricket; or which bring the Club individual, or game of cricket into disrepute (that is, damage their reputation).  
  • Do NOT divulge confidential information or information belonging to the Club, which is not in the public domain, or expand upon such information already in the public domain.  This includes (but is not limited to) team selection, tactics and injuries.
  • Do NOT post information which could implicate another person in disciplinary or legal proceedings.  This could include (but is not limited to) copying or redistributing another person’s social media posting.
  • DO remember that we are a family orientated Club with many junior members who will sometimes form part of the audience.  Whilst events such as our annual dinner, Quiz and Race Nights are important parts of our social calendar, in keeping with the Club’s family image, we expect that posts relating to social activities such as drinking or gambling remain appropriate.  It is in no-one’s interests to glamorise excess!
  • DO identify or credit any material which is copyrighted or which you have borrowed (ie, with an appropriate mention, or link to the source).


 Any member found to be in breach of the above Policy may be subject to disciplinary action by the Club (up to and including cancellation of Club membership), or relevant league or both.  In extreme cases it could even result in criminal prosecution or civil liability.


 All Committee members have a duty to promote awareness and understanding of this Policy and act if they become aware of any breach of it.

 The Club will monitor its own media channels to ensure postings comply with the above Policy.  If any concerns arise the Club will remove the material and may discipline any person or persons acting in breach of the above Policy.

Any comments made on an individual’s own social media platforms remain the responsibility of that individual and the Club will accept no liability for those comments, nor any actions taken as a result.