Photography and Video Camera Guidelines

According to the ECB, parents should not be prevented from taking pictures of, or filming, their children. These are normal family practices and help mark milestones in a child’s life. The introduction of proportionate controls on the use of photographic equipment (cameras, and videos, including mobile phones) is part of general safeguarding good practice in a club.

The TMCC guidelines must be adhered to during matches, training sessions or any other club related event.

Photographs/videos must not be taken without permission from the children’s parents/carers beforehand. The age group coach may give permission by proxy, as long as parental consent has been granted.

If parental consent has not been given either on the child’s membership form or in another written context, it is assumed that the child is not to be used in any photographs/videos.

Children should be informed that a person will bee taking photographs.

Children must be made aware that if they are concerned, they must report it to their coach or club welfare officer. Concerns about any inappropriate or intrusive use of photography will be reported and treated in the same way as any other child protection issue.

The use of photographs in media, such as the club website/handbook

Parental consent is required before any photos can be published in any form of media. Parents then know that the photos will be used to represent and promote the club.

The child’s consent is also required before using images in media

If the cricketer is named, the club will avoid using their photograph and if a photograph is used, they will avoid naming the child

Photos of children will only be used if they are wearing the appropriate kit, in order to reduce inappropriate use and to provide positive images of the children.

If there are any concerns about the use of images of children, please speak with the club welfare officer.