DofE Volunteering

Volunteer at Town Malling Cricket Club this season to help complete your Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver or Gold awards.

There are a range of volunteering opportunities tailored to your interest and aligned with the club’s support for the various age groups starting from the All Stars group all the way to the Under 15‘s age grouping.

At Town Malling Cricket Club, we’re thrilled to support youth achieve the Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) program, founded by the late HRH Prince Philip. This transformative initiative empowers young individuals aged 13 and a half to 24, offering Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels of engagement. For further detail on DofE, please click here.

For those eager to join us in this exciting journey, you can link your passion for cricket with the DofE program. Our club provides a unique opportunity for volunteering and fulfilling the physical activity requirement under the DofE scheme. Whether you’re an avid player or looking to explore cricket as part of your DofE experience, our experienced coaches are ready to guide you.

Engage in volunteering initiatives at our cricket club, contributing to the local community and showcasing your commitment to service. In the physical section, cricket is recognized under team sports, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a dynamic and enjoyable way to meet DofE requirements.

For more details on how Town Malling Cricket Club can support your DofE journey, please contact us on