The teams for this Sunday’s Mark Worral Memorial game are as follows:

Worrall XI (Squad)
J. Worrall (C), A. Patrick, J. Smyth, J. Sopp, T. Grinstead, C. Slater, B. Ramsay, S. Marsh, M. Tunnicliff, A. Thompson, N. Cologne, L. Budd, R. McDermott 

Kemsley XI (Squad)
H. Kemsley (C), A. Nix, J. Burbidge, A. Coles, D. Gurton, M. Senior, S. Thompson, A. Ramsay, M. Doyle, D. Smith, W. Rowlands, B. Calvert, J. Ramsay

Thank you to everyone who has agreed to participate in some sort of capacity and to those others who have said they will do a bit of umpiring throughout the day. It is very much appreciated and I’m really happy to see so much interest.

Match fee will be £10 per head. Please bring cash on the day if possible. Any profits from the tea will be donated to the MS Trust. We also have a photographer for some action shots and team photos, whichwill be added to the match report here on the website.  

The Bar will be open all day from about 12.30 for any refreshment needs. A wide array of ales, lagers, hot beverages and soft drinks, as well as wine, cider, spirits and snacks will be available to purchase.
A huge tea will be provided for both teams in-between innings and any family, friends or club members are welcome to join us for food.

From mid to late afternoon we will be firing up the barbecue and serving burgers and hot dogs for £2 each. Any profits from this will also be going to the MS Trust. 

During the day someone will be coming around and asking if you want to buy raffle tickets. Once again any money from that will be going to charity. We have a fair few raffle prizes for the day, but I wanted ask that if anyone has anything that they could donate towards the raffle, that would very helpful and for a great cause. Raffle winners will be drawn after the game, so you’ll be able to buy them up until half an hour before the end of the game.
The main reason for this game is to celebrate the life of a man that did a lot in the community and for the cricket club he loved. It’s going to be 10 years since he died in a few days and I think what a great way to commemorate and remember what he did by having a game filled with friends, family and good times. Don’t be afraid to rope the family in to come and watch for the day as there’s plenty for everyone. As it’s the Bank Holiday, I think it would be great to have a few drinks after, so join me if you can.
Thank you all very very much and let’s hope for some sun. Fingers crossed. Look forward to seeing you all there.